Through a unique mix of consulting expertise, services and technology, Co-Factor helps companies make the leap to a more sustainable engagement culture while driving superior bottom-line results.

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  • With the help of Co-Factor, we implemented the most advanced internal communications and performance management system that produced results starting with the second month. Thus, we managed to raise both the engagement and the performance level of our sales team, generating a solid 33% year-on-year increase in number of customers, while the industry has not really rebounded.
    Chief Executive Officer - leading financial brokerage firm
  • At the end of an intense exploratory and ideation process, the Co-Factor team built an interactive engagement platform to enable our employees to understand our mission and to execute it. The architecture of the friendly platform that Co-Factor designed for us, creates clarity around what performance means for everyone in our company, while it describes processes, encourages competition and sets new standards for success. It was a pleasure to build together an innovative tool that places the organizational competence at the fingertips of every company employee.
    Chief Executive Officer – fastest growing electronics retailer in the market
  • Co-Factor means: innovation, availability, responsivess, empathy. True professionals who offer creative solutions adapted to the client specific needs. Beautiful people, open, determined to deliver the projects before deadlines no matter the obstacles that may arise. People who quickly understand the business specifics, people who treat the client with the utmost attention and make him feel special.
    HR Manager - leading private healthcare network